Libourne, Aquitaine, SW France … # 2 .. the market

Libourne, Aquitaine, SW France … # 2 .. the market

Shall we continue our walk-about in the fresh food market in Libourne?  !   As I said in my previous post,  we were amazed at the quality and variety of the produce at the markets, having not experienced such markets here at home.

Couldn’t resist those wonderful looking peaches and bought one each ..

Stall owner was very friendly and gave us a couple of ‘plate peaches’ to try, as we had never seen them before ..

There were deliciously juicy 🙂

‘Black’ tomatoes ..  apparently sweeter than the usual red ones ..

I was impressed with the kiddies shopping with their mommies .. instead of sweets and junk foods, they get fruit and veg … with smiley faces !!

Huge soft prunes!!   Would love to have bought a couple .. but wasn’t sure about sitting in a bus any length of time!

We then came across an indoor fresh produce market ..

These chappies enjoyed having their photo taken!!  That chunk of fish was turned in different directions for my benefit (and I still didn’t get it clear!)   (note the younger one smiling for the camera in the pic above!)

Love the baskets .. as I’ve said in previous posts 🙂

A chappie had these two cuties in a barrow and said he had an animal orphanage, and was raising money for it’s upkeep.   True or not, I wasn’t sure – felt sorry for these two little babies  ..

A very common sight throughout France .. a basket filled with fresh produce and a couple of baguettes ..

Mark and Marc (next to the bicycle) having a break over a cup of coffee ..

Lettuce seedlings are sold singularly …

Live fowl for sale .. the gentleman wasn’t too happy with me taking photos ..

Aww..  rabbits ready for the pot 🙂   .. I’ve never seen a bunny skinned before – never tasted one either, and don’t fancy it either, but I believe they taste like chicken ..

Would love to have explored Libourne further, but alas it was time to walk back to the bus ..

Onto St Émilion … a charming 8th century village in the red wine district, for a spot of wine tasting, lunch and a walk-about .. .. .. ..

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