Château de Chenonceau, Loire Valley # 3

Château de Chenonceau, Loire Valley # 3

Continuing our story of the magnificent Château de Chenonceau wherein lived kings and queens, mistresses and courtiers,  … …  as well as the employees on the land and within the Château walls.    A place that stood the test of time, during times of war and times of peace.   It always fascinates me that people from all walks of life ..  from way, way back in history ..  used to live in places like this .. walked on the same ground ..  touched the same stone walls ..  looked up to the same sky, the moon, the stars  .. … ..

One of the first straight staircases in France (built by Katherine Briçonnet) ..

The heart of every home is the kitchen .. in this case, the kitchens.  They are located in the two enormous bases forming the first two piers built in the bed of the River Cher.   The pantry’s fireplace dates back to 16th century and is the biggest in the Château.  Next to it is the bread oven on the right ..

 Leading off the pantry is the dining room for the Château employees .. (it’s lovely – I wouldn’t mind that lovely table in my dining room !!! 🙂  )

The butchery also leads off from the pantry .. fascinating place !!  Look at the worn table tops from constant use ..

Back outside, crossing the bridge over the moat, linking the forecourt to the Château, I noticed the water spouts ..

.. and I was able to get a decent photo of the Marques Tower ..

.. but I couldn’t get one, without one or two people in the way, of the well, decorated with a chimera and eagle, emblem of the Marques family .

I was there !!!!

Breathtaking … it’s the stuff fairytales are made of 🙂

Romance was in the air … a fairytale was unfolding 🙂  ….

At the one corner of Diane de Poitiers’  garden is a foot bridge, with a drawbridge, with access to a small boat landing ..

I was going to carry on and add photographs from the two formal gardens .. but they are stunning and require a post on their own 🙂   soooo .. watch this space for the conclusion of our visit to Château de Chenonceau

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