Gardens of Château de Chenonceau

Gardens of Château de Chenonceau

I had never seen, in real life (!) such large formal gardens before (we hadn’t been seen the magnificent gardens of Versailles yet !)  ..  I was in awe !!

Diane de Poitiers’ garden :

Forecourt in front .. Chancellerie in background ..  Diane’s garden on right ..

Catherine de’ Medici’s garden :   this garden took my breath away !

Oh sooo pretty 🙂

A keen photographer in the making!  I spotted this little girl snapping away at the flowers, the trees, the conifers ..

Our fairytale was coming to an end .. our bus awaited.   We needed to walk back.  Back passed the conifers in boxes ..

.. back passed the Chancellerie

.. back passed the manicured lawns ..

.. back through the gateway of a pair of sphinx’s

… a quick dash down a wooded path to see the maze, located in the 70 hectare grounds, planted with 2000 yews covering more than one hectare ..  (hubby waited patiently on the avenue of plane trees!)

.. no time to ‘get lost’ in Catherine de’ Medici’s  maze, unfortunately 🙁   would have loved to have found the centre where there is a raised gloriette and a statue of a nymph carrying Bacchus, topped with a statue of Venus all placed on top of cedar trunk

I literally ran around the maze to capture the large Caryatides ..

… a quick glance back along the avenue of plane trees ..

.. our story has come to an end 🙁     (One day we shall return and explore some more)

.. and they all lived happily ever after

Dinner at the charming Beatrice’s goat farm next 🙂  !!

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    1. Thanks Janet .. yes it was truly beautiful – I could spend a whole day there. Forgot to mention in my blog about the village, which we didn’t have time to explore at all – I believe it’s also an amazing place.

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