Robyn’s ‘kitchen’ tea/bachelorette

Robyn’s ‘kitchen’ tea/bachelorette

We have known Robyn for about 12 years.   Robyn, Elaine and Candice have been the best of friends since the beginning of high school.  They have shared everything together .. laughter, tears, joys, sadness, secrets, boy-talk, girl-talk .. .. .. they have grown up together.  They have grown into beautiful, caring, loving women.  They have a special relationship … they are special 🙂

We always wondered who would be the first to get married 🙂  Robyn topped the charts here !! 🙂   She will be marrying Mark, the love of her life, a school friend, a boyfriend, a fiancé and soon-to-be husband.  Together they make a wonderful couple and we wish them so much happiness, love and laughter for their future.  Their wedding is in two weeks, on 10.11.2012 – so exciting !!

Robyn’s ‘kitchen’ tea/bachelorette was yesterday and it was awesome –  loads of fun!!  Dress code : French chic with hats !!   As they will be leaving the country for distant shores shortly after their wedding (an opportunity they can’t refuse!), kitchen goodies were not needed as they will starting their home far away – we will miss you !!   All our gifts were pretty lingerie for Robyn .. she got some beautiful things  !!

Robyn and Sandy (mom) ..

 We all had to fill in forms, for fun, with our thoughts and wishes for their wedded bliss !  It was like taking an exam – if you didn’t pass .. no ‘munchies’ and champagne 🙂

Louisa, Mark’s mom (in fascinator) filling in her form ..

Donna, Robyn’s sister and maid-of-honour ..

Bridesmaids …

Cute little badges made by Elaine .. she organised/made most of the decor .. clever girl .. it was so pretty !!!

Candice is next in line to get married .. 🙂

A forfeit .. sexual, sensual moment here with much laughter  .. Mark’s mom pretending to be Mark while Robyn danced around her .. Popping .. or trying to pop a balloon between the knees .. 🙂

Didn’t work .. so Robyn and Elaine tried – success .. eventually  🙂  !!

Umm … not sure about this Aunty-to-be  !!

A lovely touch .. a presentation of messages from the bridesmaids, both families and a video of Mark sending his love for her party and his love for their future together – it was really sweet .. tears in eyes here !!  lots!!  .. and then there was a video from her cousins in Canada, who cannot come out for the wedding – very special !!

Beautiful women ..

Looking forward to your very special day, sweet girl .. love you lots xxx

9 Replies to “Robyn’s ‘kitchen’ tea/bachelorette”

  1. Thank you Avril (Mom2) 🙂 for maing your divine chocolate eclairs and taking all these pics! I will NEVER ever forget this special day!
    I love you all so very much and am going to miss you so… 🙂

  2. I have just opened the link and cannot stop my happy tears.What a fantastic day! One we wont forget in a hurry. Thank you Avril for the lovely photos. Love you lots xxx

  3. I feel very priveledged to have been invited to your bachelorette tea party. Robz you looked amazing as well as all the bridesmaids. Beautiful photo’s taken by Avril. Love Margie

  4. Looks like it was very special Robs, brought tears to my eyes…made me leak ;( lol!!! Love you tons! We wish you and Mark a lifetime of happiness, love and friendship! Always and forever, Michelle xoxoxoxoxo

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