Dinner at the delightfully charming Beatrice’s goat farm ..

Dinner at the delightfully charming Beatrice’s goat farm ..

…. called L’Etape Gourmande on the estate of La Giraudiere at Villandry, near Tours in the Loire Valley.¬† At last, I hear you say ūüôā¬†¬†¬† A peek at the 17th century farm¬†before meeting the lovely Beatrice outside the converted barn where dinner was served ..

Beatrice welcomed us with open arms and chatted while we sipped an aperitif (tasted like the one we had in Beaune and at the stunning La Bergerie on top of the hill in Nice )  What a delightful woman!!

Softly¬†spoken, in broken English, with prompting from Mark when her English failed every now’n’again, she recalled the days when she first came from the city to the country after marrying her¬†husband, a goat farmer …

She adapted to farming life and has been here ever since.¬† She and her daughter, Alexandra,¬†now run a¬†lovely country inn.¬† Would love to have seen the accommodation!!¬† ¬† I was really taken with her .. such a sincere, warm and friendly person … the kind that makes you feel welcome and comfortable the moment you meet her ..

Quaint dining facility for meals and small functions (including weddings)  ..

Hubby and I ..

Food idea here .. slices of wine corks under black slate placemats ..

Dinner :¬† starter was delicious .. goats cheese and salmon with fresh greens¬†…. ¬†yumm mm mm !

Main : we both had veal and palenta cake .. absolutely delicious !!!

Dessert :¬† moist chocolate mousse cake … it was amazing !!!¬† mm mm

At the end of our meal, Beatrice came to each table for a chat.   Love this photo of her chatting with Mark ..

The evening sun was very low as we wandered about the farm after our delicious dinner ..

I believe there’s a pretty courtyard on the other side of these buildings ..

I went for a quick walk to the gate to take some photos ..

What a lovely, ¬†lovely place ūüôā !!¬†¬†¬† www.letapegourmande.com


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  1. Oh my, you took more than just a few photos, and I enjoyed them. It looks like you had a wonderful time there in la Douce France! The food looks mouthwatering, and the setting is just wonderful. Thanks to the many beautiful photos it felt as if I was right there with you!

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