On the way to dinner at Beatrice’s goat farm, Tours, Loire Valley

On the way to dinner at Beatrice’s goat farm, Tours, Loire Valley

Moving on … in France !!   ..remember we are still on Day 9 but nearing evening.  We bypassed the city of Tours en route to our hotel – Mercure Tours Nord to freshen up before dinner at a goat farm, hosted by the delightfully charming Beatrice.

But .. before we got to the hotel … the bus crossed the Loire River ..

On the banks of the Loire River – a magnificent building in Tours (just cannot remember what Mark told us about it, not even the name and I can’t find it on google or my books – if anyone knows, I would love to fill in the blanks here 🙂  )  I think it had something to do with Charlemagne, but I could be wrong

Mark also spoke of the small church to the right but here again,

Whizzing passed a campsite of gypsies – we saw groups like this quite frequently on the roadsides during our travels around France ..

.. we passed normal buildings ..

.. and then we came across cave homes!!!  Unfortunately we couldn’t stop to get a decent photo of any, as we wouldn’t make our dinner date on time – but this was fascinating !!!

Cave homes, or troglodyte homes have been around since the 12th century when the peasants dug villages into the soft limestone (tuffeau) hillsides along the Loire Valley.  They built their homes into the face of the cliffs and quarries and created hundreds of kilometres of underground passages ..

There are thousands of troglodyte homes throughout Europe, North Africa, Middle East and India.   45 000 exist in the Loire Valley.  Indoor temperatures stay constant from summer to winter at an average temp of 13 degrees.  To me that’s cold!   I have heard of modern cave dwellers but I didn’t realise they actually build their rooms, complete with comfy furniture and fittings.

I Googled ‘ cave homes france’  and found some amazingly interesting sights, with photographs and videos.    below pic – apologies for the poor photograph with reflections ..

Nearing our hotel, which was close to the airfield …

Mercure Tours Nord hotel pool area.  On a tour, one doesn’t have time to relax by a pool!!  Too many interesting things to see and do 🙂

Indoor table decor ..

I promise …. ‘delightfully charming Beatrice’s goat farm’  next 🙂

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  1. Thats the problem with an organised tour. You pass all these things along the way and you can’t stop to go and have a look. On the other side you hear all the interesting information you would not have know on a self drive tour.

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