Waiting .. waiting .. waiting !

Waiting .. waiting .. waiting !

Waiting for more of France, I hear you say!!  It’s coming up again .. promise!  I’ve been away to Somerset West in the Cape to see my very frail Mum, who sadly didn’t know me at all this time 🙁  but I did take some photos of happy places 🙂  will do that next post ….  and then the next post after that, I’ll get back to France .. promise !!!  (Mont-St-Michel is a mysterious,  magical place .. watch this space!)    but in the meantime I had to capture Jackie this morning, as she does every morning, afternoon and evening, waiting for her new little friend to come to the hole in the wall.

There is a new puppy at the house behind us, a spaniel .. cute little thing, who comes to  ‘chat ‘ to Jackie through the hole .. in between playing with the older gorgeous retriever ..


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