Visiting Mum

Visiting Mum

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been away for a couple of days to Somerset West in the Cape to see my Mum, who is frailer than a few months ago when I was last there.  I am no longer taking photos of her – I don’t want my children to see her as she is now – I want them to remember her the way she was.  An energetic, happy person, always singing, always smiling … … .. It’s very very sad and heartbreaking spending time with her now, but I need to .. for her .. and for me.  It’s just the way it is.  I pray the angels take her soon.

She didn’t know I was there 🙁   I knew I was there.   I sat with her each visit .. talked, sang, massaged her back and rubbed herbs between my hands and gently let her smell them (altho’ the sister on duty, the first time I did it, thought I was doing something sinister!!)  Quite funny, actually, her expression was priceless until I showed her what I was doing 🙂

Soo .. happy pictures !!

A resident was proudly showing off ‘her’ garden (the planter around the patio)  which she was watering with a bucket as it was very hot.   The cage with two rabbits was there for the mini fete they were holding the next day.  They often have visiting petting animals to the delight of the elderly 🙂

Went with Kathy to buy yummy muffins at this interesting shop ..

.. filled with items for sale, old and new, a deli, butchery and bakery .. a general store .. owner-run by Marie ..

We then took those yummy muffins to join Ian and my niece, Daniella, who works in the office, for their coffee break.   I wrote about my brother and his factory after my last visit


Every time I go, I am impressed with what he has achieved and all the improvements he is making.  He has a new litho printer, more permanent employees, a new delivery vehicle, more factory space … …  I am very proud of you, Ian  .. Dad and Mum would be too 🙂

Kathy uses a room for her sewing and pattern making – all done very professionally 🙂  I do admire her for what she is achieving  …

Kathy has made aprons for all the employees saving their clothing from glue etc ..

One of my Mum’s favourite places was Vergelegen Wine Estate in Somerset West.  I used to take her there often for light lunches, a glass of wine and a stroll around the magnificent gardens.  They have made some changes since my last visit there, one of which is a new restaurant/bistro, The Stables, in the old wine tasting building …

Wine tasting is now in a smart new building.  I was a little disappointed with the shop as I was hoping to buy a few small prezzies, but it’s clearly aimed at the overseas visitor ..

The Herb Garden ..

I met up with our dear friends, Ray and Carol and hubby’s sister and brother in law, Cheryl and Bob.  We had a lovely relaxing lunch (which was yumm and highly recommended !!) catching up on news and friendships overlooking a new garden under construction with the mountains as the backdrop ..

The Homestead dates back to 1700 granted to Willem Adriaan van der Stel, the Governor of the Cape ..

Enormous Camphor trees (cinnamon camphora) were planted between 1700-1706 in front of the Homestead and were proclaimed National Monuments in 1942 ..

The Rose Garden was a favourite of my Mum’s – the Rose Terrace served teas and light lunches (it was closed on this day – don’t know whether it’s still operational)

I later joined my family to celebrate Aunty Mulla’s 83rd birthday celebrations, with tea, birthday cake and lots of goodies to nibble on, followed by a few glasses of wine!   It was a perfect way to end a perfect day!    Aunty Mulla is my Mum’s younger sister, by a year and a bit,  and is looking marvellous  …

Many hands make’ light work’ !!

… many breaths make ‘ light go out ‘ !!!

Happy Birthday Aunty Mulla, may you be blessed with many more happy, healthy years ahead .. xxx

A quiet cup of coffee with Ian and Kathy at ‘Snobs’ on my last day …

What a lovely place !!  They have coffee tastings there too

Sipping wine with my wine buddy, my very special niece Daniella, and watching the lights over the Strand twinkle as they light up and the glorious colours of the sky as the sun goes down  …

It was a good weekend ..  a sad weekend .. it’s just the way it always is  .. love you all xxx

’til next time

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  1. Oh Avril – it’s so very hard seeing one’s parent like that. It seems like yesterday I was holding my Mum’s hand telling her how much I loved her. I treasure those moments – I still miss her so much! Thinking of you so much! xx

  2. I got to go to Vergelegen for the first time earlier in the year on a visit to Somerset West and absolutely lived the estate. Your brother seems to be doing very well but its sad that your mom didn’t recognised you.

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