Mont-St-Michel, Normandy # 2

Mont-St-Michel, Normandy # 2

Hubby and I went to Robyn and Mark’s awesome wedding on Saturday and I will be putting up some photos in the next post.   (Robyn’s kitchen tea/bachelorette was two weeks ago)   Elaine was one of the bridesmaids, Jeanette was the photographer .. and I made their cake !!  🙂   It was a gorgeous wedding .. perfect in every way 🙂

But before that .. I must finish our walk-about the amazing Mont-St-Michel, which stands on an island in the salt marshes in the Baie du Mont-St-Michel ..

Walking through the historic 14th century home of Bertrand du Guesclin, Knight and Connétable de France, and his wife, Tiphaine de Raguenel, famous astrologist who read the destiny of the world in the stars.  Exhibits include period furniture, a bridal chamber, medieval chastity belt, armour worn by Bertrand du Guesclin and the astrologer’s study

Hubby and I with our lovely new Canadian friend ..

Stopped for lunch at La Vieille Auberge where we had Galettes – savoury bucwheat pancakes – hubby’s was delicious, mine .. disastrous – apple, créme fraiche and andoillette (pork tripe sausage)  !!!    Mussels served with chips seemed to be popular with young and old ..

The view from the restaurant is magnificent …

Time to make our way back to the bus .. back along Grande Rue ..

… back along the causeway when I spotted red poppies growing on the slopes ..

My daily memories of Mont-St-Michel .. my fridge magnet ..

A visit to Omaha Beach next .. and our next sleep-over .. before we head on to Paris


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