A ‘naked cake’ for Robyn and Mark’s wedding

A ‘naked cake’ for Robyn and Mark’s wedding

I was so pleased the cake I made for Robyn and Mark’s wedding on Saturday was a success 🙂   It’s just my usual choccie cake x 2 with a vanilla icing.  I don’t like sweet icing so I made it buttery and used vanilla pods  .. yay ..  it worked !!   I wasn’t sure how many iceberg roses to use – picked from my garden – so left a variety of different stages of roses in water, plus a bunch of gypsophila,  until the last minute before delivery ..

 Sprinkling of petals  .. and viola !!

I was pleased 🙂    My first wedding cake !!  Yay !!

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  1. Oh I think it’s wonderful that they asked you to make your special choccie cake. Well done Avril! It’s beautiful, and I agree with Jeanette – very trendy!

  2. WOW, that looks so professional and yet pleasingly simple. Which cake was that? You have sent me a couple of your recipes – I presume it must have been the oven cake? 🙂

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