Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny

Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny

We own two Monet’s !!!    .. fridge magnets 😉   The first, ‘Water Lily Pond’  I bought at the National Gallery in London, having just seen the magnificent …  huge …  original painting by Claude Monet when hubby and I were on our first holiday to England in 2008

The second, ‘The Poppy Field’  I bought at the shop in Claude Monet’s house in the small village of Giverny.   I was so taken by the genuine red poppies in France, which I had never seen before, that it seemed appropriate to choose that one, especially as we had seen them growing on the slopes of the causeway leading from the mainland to Mont-St-Michel the day before ..

The Japanese bridge (rebuilt) over the water lily pond ..

As with most of the posts all of my posts  on this fabulous France tour, have been ‘walk-abouts’  🙂  … so shall this one be.    And, as I was taken by the beauty of the garden, being a flower, plant and garden lover,  I took several ..quite a few ..  many photographs in order to appreciate it’s magic long after our visit.   Midday heat, bright sunshine, blue skies and dark shadows played havoc with the balance of the photos 🙁     We shall start our walk-about in the Monet’s Japanese Garden,  then onto his idyllic Norman country house with garden which he purchased in 1883 and where he died in 1926

‘Suddenly I had the revelation of how magical my pond is.  I took up my palette.  Since that time I have scarcely had any other model’     –  Claude Monet

Can’t resist .. one more from the Japanese Garden .. next post – Monet’s house and garden

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