Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny # 2

Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny # 2

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Claude Monet 1840 – 1926

Monet’s house in the small country village of Giverny, has been ” decorated in the colour scheme that Monet admired” – unfortunately we were not allowed to take photographs indoors 🙁    (pic above was taken at the entrance to the visitors shop)

Taking photos here in the garden wasn’t easy.  Firstly it was very bright and secondly .. as the flowers beds were packed .. I mean jam-packed with plants and flowers,  some  photographs come out wishy-washy with no depth.  I did learn one thing though – I can add much more to my garden !!!!  .. every little space available was taken by a plant !!!  The layout wasn’t what I was expecting .. all in rows ..

Dahlias were enormous !!!

Hubby and I stopped at the village ‘square’ for a bite to eat before walking up the road to Église-St-Radegonde de Giverny, a 15th century church where Monet is buried

Église-St-Radegonde de Giverny ..  (I had the wrong setting on camera hence the adjusted photographs 😉  )

Memorial in the church grounds for fallen soldiers ..

Below – At the base of the propeller blade, a plague reads :

“During the night of the 7th and 8th of June, 1944, a Royal Air Force Lancaster bomber crashed in flames to the south of the village, in the ‘Plaine des Ajoux’
“This statue displays a propeller blade from the aircraft to pay homage to the seven crew lying in our cemetery.
“Their sacrifice led to our liberty today.
“This monument stands in testimony to the crew and is a symbol of the admiration and gratitude of the people of Giverny. ”

Claude Monet’s final resting place, buried with members of his family …

Whoo hoo .. onto Paris for two days included in our Trafalgar Tour plus two extra days o our own ..

From Giverny the bus goes through the town/city further down the road, on the banks of the River Seine

Straddling between two piers of the medieval bridge is the old mill – which is now private property and has no public access

Paris next … 🙂    We thoroughly enjoyed touring France, seeing many many interesting places, meeting amazing people … everlasting memories


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