Candice and Gordon’s wedding

Candice and Gordon’s wedding

It was a beautiful wedding!!   A gorgeous bride, a stunning dress, a handsome groom, a perfect setting .. and the weather played it’s part!!!    From morning ’til afternoon, it rained and rained .. and rained .. light rain, but still annoying for a wedding.   When we arrived at the venue,  the rain stopped!   As the bridal party arrived the clouds started clearing.  During the ceremony the sun came out 🙂  !!

A few same faces from Robyn’s wedding two weeks ago 🙂   (to recap .. Elaine, Robyn and Candice have been best friends since the beginning of high school – they have a very special relationship 🙂

Yesterday was Candice’s very special day, her wedding day … when she married the love of her life, her soul mate, her best friend, Gordon.  It was a lovely ceremony at Everwood in Muldersdrift .. with super dinner and dancing ’til the wee hours !!

The two moms .. Marcelle and Verity

Gordon and his Best Man

Prettiest flower girl .. Candice’s little sister  (Bradley and Skylar are the same age .. friends from birth!!)

Candice’s gran is a lovely, lovely woman … big hug for Kerry, her eldest granddaughter and soon-to-be mommy of her first great granddaughter 🙂

Elaine caught the bouquet !!!!!!!!!! Whoo hoo !!

I loved her dress .. soft and floaty and sooo Candice 🙂   You looked absolutely stunning, sweet girl ..

Three moms .. we’ve been good friends for as long as our daughters have !!!

To Candice and Gordon …

Wishing you a lifetime of togetherness filled with happiness, love, laughter and may all your dreams come true …. always and forever

With all our love xxx mwah xxx

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  1. We loved your photo’s on your blog Avril – wow!!!!! it made me cry sooooo breathtaking thank you soooo much!!!! Thank you for sharing the special day with us! 🙂

  2. Stunning photos Avril. Well done. The bride and groom look fantastic. The venue awesome. You captured everything like a pro!!! So proud of you xxxxx

  3. Avril, Wow what a lovely blog you have… and the photos you take are amazing. You captured Candice and Gordon’s wedding so well, thank you for sharing. Thank you too for the great company on Saturday. x

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