Snippets from Paris # 2 .. Eiffel Tower

Snippets from Paris # 2 .. Eiffel Tower

Oooops  forgot to publish this with all the excitement of Elaine and Bryan’s engagement !!!!    Am already doing the follow-on post and found this in drafts !!

I think I’m going to have to do ‘snippets from Paris’ in chronological order otherwise I’m going to get terribly confused!!  My idea was to jumble photos … to make it less boring 😉

I tried to capture everyday life throughout France during our two weeks there, which of course, included 4 days in Paris … as I will probably never return sadly (so many more places to see and so many more things to do!!!)   and photographs tell our story of our holiday, not only seeing the tourist sights but little details I don’t want to forget

Eiffel Tower 18.07.2012

IMG_7079 École Militaire from Parc du Champs de Mars (at Eiffel Tower)  ..



Fountain in Parc du Champs de Mars


IMG_7089 IMG_7090

IMG_7088Snaking queues to go up the Eiffel Tower !!  fortunately we went as a tour group with preferential bookings !!!    The beauty of a tour group 🙂  there’s something magical about walking to the front of a long, long … long queue !!!!


The military were visible everywhere .. wonder why?  Is it always like this ?

IMG_7093Pont d’léna …  (opposite Eiffel Tower)


Palais de Chaillot … comprises museums and a theatre ..





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  1. Oh how beautiful! And congratulations on Elaine’s engagement. Such wonderful news. I wondered with all friends getting married when her turn would be! 🙂

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