Paris …. through the bus window

Paris …. through the bus window

Day 11 of the ‘best of France’  Trafalgar Tour tour :

…. was Omaha Beach, walk around Monet’s garden in Giverny then travel to Paris.    Free time for the rest of the afternoon before boarding the bus to Moulin Rouge!!!!   It was fabulous!!    Silver service dinner followed by an incredible colourful show.  Champagne, wine and a delicious meal!!!!   We were advised not to take our cameras as, naturally, cameras were not allowed during the show but, silly me, didn’t take my little camera in my bag to take pics outside !!!  No matter…  we went back two days afterwards to do a bit of sightseeing in that area and Montmartre so I have daytime photos of the famous theatre and windmill !!!!  Bought a programme to prove “ we were there ” !!! 🙂


Day 12  :   The last day of the tour included –
*   a bus trip around Paris seeing famous landmarks ie Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde etc , stopping off outside École Militaire supposedly to have our group photograph with Eiffel Tower in background but the photographer was delayed and could only do it later  ..
*   up to the second level of the Eiffel Tower for the most spectacular panoramic views of the city ..
*   a fascinating trip to the Palace of  Versailles with our local guide, the delightful and humorous Veronique who, once inside, crushed by tourists like ourselves, we had to follow her little green umbrella sticking up in the air like the tail of a warthog on the run !!!!
*     back to the hotel for a quick change before heading off for our Farewell Dinner followed by a night-time cruise on the River Seine .. watching Paris turn on her lights, twinkling reflections on the water … with the grand finale of the Eiffel Tower putting on her ‘sparkle’ … she sparkles on the hour for 10 minutes from 10 – 12 pm with 20 000 twinkling lights !!

Please join our bus trip through parts of Paris   …  one of the statues on Pont d’léna ..


Freedom Flame .. replica of the Statue of Liberty’s flame in N.Y. …. as become an unofficial memorial to Diana Princess of Wales after her death in 1997 in the tunnel beneath the Pont de l’Alma (flame is at the entrance to the tunnel)




IMG_7125Place de la Concorde … cranes and barriers in preparation for the Tour de France ..

IMG_7132National Assembly … check out the chappie on the roof .. maybe he was setting up a camera for the Tour de France ..

IMG_7141-National Assembly

Driving past the Louvre, Veronique pointed out the intricate detail on the façade of the magnificent building, which seem to go on and on .. and on …






Approaching one of the bridges covered in ‘love locks’ …


Veronique pointed out a group of girls.  Gypsies … who confront unsuspecting  tourists mainly.  In doing so, discover the whereabouts of wallets and valuables.  A few yards up is another group of gypsy boys, who then pickpocket those unsuspecting people.  All of them are children and therefore under-age and cannot be formally arrested!   The city is full of them .. one has to be aware at all times!!

IMG_7157Place de l’institut …

IMG_7154Guilded bronze statue of Victory holding laurels of victory atop the Fontaine du Palmier (1806) – built to provide fresh water for the population and to commemorate the victories of Napoleon

IMG_7160The Conciergerie (middle of pic)  – former royal palace and prison (Marie Antionette was imprisoned there before being guillotined at the Place de la Concorde in 1793)


Charlemagne – or known as Charles I or Charles the Great .. King of the Franks 768-814 and Emperor of Carolingian Empire 800-814 ..


Notre Dame ..

IMG_7165Pont au Double with Notre Dame on left ..


Driving through the Latin Quarter and passed various colleges of the Sorbonne University …


Panthéon –  built in the reign of Louis XV as a church dedicated to St Geneviève, patron saint of Paris.  In 19th century is became a patriotic as well as a religious monument and is the buriel place of great writers, scientists, generals, churchmen and politicians ..





Palais du Luxembourg ..  unfortunately we ran out of time to visit .. such a pity, as it was on my list of things to see ..



This is a common sight .. a mommy with a child on a scooter.  One way for the child to keep up with mommy …


‘The Thinker’  … only his back unfortunately !   –  Musée Rodin


Golden dome of L’Hôtel national des Invalides ..



Les Invalides .. complex of buildings containing museums and monuments all relating to the military history of France as well as a hospital and a retirement home for war veterans.  Napoleon Bonaparte’s tomb lies under the central dome of the Eglise du Dome (another place we missed due to lack of time 🙁  )




This bistro/cafe caught my eye, not only the Parisienne lady on the shade-cloth but pavement tables, bicycles and motorbikes .. all frequently seen throughout France ..


Next stop … École Militaire/Parc du Champs de Mars for tour photo, which didn’t quite happen then  !!


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