Boys on bikes

Boys on bikes

Yesterday Bradley and Connor brought their bikes to ride on our quiet road.  They don’t have much opportunity to ride on their road as it’s quite a busy one, but ours is generally quiet.  Connor hasn’t had much practice on his new bike .. it didn’t take him long to get the hang of handle-bar brakes and the general handling of a larger bike / a ‘trick’ bike …










I didn’t take any pics of them today …. I decided to take Jackie for a walk this morning, while they rode …  round the block .. not far … easy peasie !    Firstly I had to attached Bradley’s chain back onto the cogs again  (he had fallen yesterday dislodging the chain).  All went well until we got the small hill going down to the veld/greenbelt.  Bradley was ok but Connor was not happy – he walked down.  It’s a short downhill.    Once at the veld, Jackie was not happy staying on the road!!    She pulled  .. and pulled!!!  She needed to walk in the veld .. it’s what she does .. regularly !!

Not being able to split myself in two, I walked ran along the veld while keeping an eye of Connor on the road .. not the easiest thing to do as the grass is getting longer as well trees and bushes were blocking Connor from my sight.     Jackie disappeared in the bush, but I knew she would find me .. I was more concerned about Connor on the road, on his own.   Bradley by this stage had disappeared from view, around the corner.

Once Connor and I made contact at the end, where veld and road meet other road  … we then had to back-track to look for Jackie .. Connor calling her name and me whistling!!   She then appeared.  It was like a scene from a movie – Jackie running as fast as her little legs could go, ears flapping … Connor running towards her, helmet still on his head, his long shorts and stripped socks pulled right up to the knees (as he does!)  !!!!!!!!!!!!   It looked so sweet .. a ‘kodak’ moment but no camera 🙁

The two finally met ….. Jackie wagging her tail at a rate of knots …….. Connor patting her vigorously 🙂







Later this afternoon, they once again ‘took to the road’ on the bikes, this time up and down our road again.  Bradley going from pavement to road and vice versa … Connor gaining confidence and copying his big brother … until …

… he lost his balance and came off, scraping his knee in the process.  ” BLOOD .. Granny, there’s BLOOD”   It’s the end of his world when there’s   ‘BLOOD’  !!!!!  🙂

The funny thing is,  it was the same spot where Bradley came off the previous day … and the same spot where their mom, Jeanette,  came off her bike braking her arm, many years ago !!!!


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