A boy in his great grandpa’s cap

A boy in his great grandpa’s cap

I have been going down memory lane recently, paging through old photograph albums and re-discovering my family history.   Amongst the albums, old Bibles, one of which dates back to 1897, belonged to my maternal granny’s Aunt Polly,  delicately laced handkerchiefs and silk and kid gloves belonging to my paternal granny, is my Dad’s cap …

… which Connor found …

Copy of IMG_1279 Copy of IMG_1283

Copy of IMG_1286

Copy of IMG_1281

My Dad’s smell lingered for a long time on that cap … I wish I could show my Mum 🙁

p.s.  I haven’t forgotten about finishing Paris to complete the Trafalgar Tour blogs, as well as our free time in the city

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