Pied Piper of Grade 4

Pied Piper of Grade 4

Bradley started his Grade 4 year this morning and Jeanette asked if we would like to watch the tradition at the morning assembly where the Grade 4’s, who are now going into the senior primary, are piped through a corridor made up of all the school’s pupils and parents.   The new Grade 4’s turn their blazers inside and out, the boys do the same with their caps and the girls beat their straw bashers.   Pupils and parents clap as they walk through.  What a moving ceremony especially with the bagpipes!!

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This young chap from the new Grade 4’s played beautifully, while the parents and school pupils gathered on the field .. all of them carrying their own chairs!!

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The procession starts at the flag pole and ends at the Grade 4 classrooms …

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The school’s Principal walks with them ..

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There’s Bradley …

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Pity this one is blurred ..

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