One very wet baby bird

One very wet baby bird

This little one had a lucky escape !!   Jackie has a taste for birds, especially babies who are easy pickings.  I’ve witnessed her catch a baby taking his first flight.  I happened to be sitting in the garden when mom and dad chirped encouragingly to their baby who took a brave ‘step’/flight from nest to branch of tree across the lawn.  He didn’t quite make it, swooping down to earth to take a breather.   Jackie was there in a flash.  Poor little thing didn’t have a chance.   Wicked dog !!  After all that nurturing in the nest!!  In a heart beat, he was dead 🙁    Angry mom and dad fluttered from branch to branch chirping loudly, and dive bombing Jackie

There was a commotion in the flower bed close to the pool today.   Mom and Dad chirping madly … flapping wings.  Two babies having flying lessons.   One baby forgot the golden rule .. don’t come close to ground level!!!   Jackie appeared from nowhere … grabbed baby!   Loud clapping and cross voice from me startled Jackie, who dropped baby in swimming pool.  Baby swims .. and swims  .. and swims .. across the pool to my safety net ..

Copy of IMG_1695

Exhausted baby .. dripping wet .. alive !!!   I popped him into the safe haven of the bird feeder, away from harm.   He sat breathing rapidly and closed his eyes.    Connor wanted to see if baby was still in the bird feeder this afternoon.  I was afraid we might find one dead baby, but hooray .. the bird feeder was empty.

I hope he lives long … has babies … watches them take their first flight .. safely !!

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  1. Shame, poor little guy. Our one suasage hates birds, specially pigeons and hadidas. They irritae her endlessly when they sit on the roof. She’s actually snuck up on pigeons with the stealth of a cat and caught them.

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