p.s. to ‘out with the old .. in with the new’

p.s. to ‘out with the old .. in with the new’

Just to add, as I’ve now read the blurp on the tag of my new Cook’s Measure from ‘In Good Company’

……..  ” The cook’s measure has been made, by hand, in Liverpool, England.  It has been made on the same machinery since the 1920’s and other than a metric addition the production process remains unchanged.  Most importantly, your cook’s measure is not just made by hand;  it is made by one of a small team of skilled people, by Brenda, Maureen, Graham or one of his team. ” 

” Treat your measure well and it will serve you for many years to come. ”   Will do 🙂

I’m now reluctant to throw out the old one .. seems rather sad 🙁     One of my Mum’s friends has had hers for 55 years !!!!!!

Copy of IMG_1716

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