Our weekend in the Drakensberg

Our weekend in the Drakensberg

On the road to The Cavern, Northern Drakensberg, Kwa Zulu Natal for my birthday weekend.  Unbeknown to me, the rest of my family were on their way too – a secret well kept !!  (see previous post)

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The foothills of the Drakensberg is very picturesque .. this summer in particular due to all the good rains – the greenest we’ve seen in many years (which unfortunately doesn’t come out in the photographs)

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We’ve been to The Cavern on many occasions over the years – usually twice a year, but over the past few years hubby and I have been going to Champagne Castle.  It was awesome returning to The Cavern, especially with our family, who, most of them, hadn’t been before.  It was the same .. the same friendly service, warm and welcoming.  Homely and so very relaxing and quiet – a perfect place for winding down, or, like us, a family gathering 🙂   The rooms are spread out so you don’t notice all the other guests until you all gather for meals 🙂 !!  The food was just as good as always 🙂

The Cavern .. nestled amongst the trees in the valley ..

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Elaine and Bryan on a ‘booze cruise’  !!!

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Forest Retreat Spa tucked away in the forest  – Jeanette and I went for a most relaxing hot stone massage 🙂

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A moment or two of peace and tranquility after a massage or treatment..

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Front of one of the Spa units ..

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The hotel hosts various weekends ie flora and fauna related,  as well as photographic weekends.   This weekend happened to be a photographic weekend ..

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The rest of the family stayed in the main part of the hotel, closer to the kiddie’s dining area and all the facilities

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The kiddies had a ball!!   Closer to nature, fresh air and plenty of exercise, having gone on two long hikes with us 🙂  We were all very impressed with them!!

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Copy of IMG_1761 Copy of IMG_1763

Copy of IMG_1816Highlight of their hikes was walking under a waterfall, being extra careful not to slip on the very wet and slippery rocks ..

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Our suite was in a separate section overlooking the Fern Forest, from where we heard the constant soothing sounds of the river .. magical !

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Our room on the right, in the mist ..

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..view from our room ..

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Nice touch for my birthday on our arrival  … flowers and a card signed by The Cavern staff 🙂

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Panoramic views ..

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.. breathtaking walks ..

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.. baskets made by the locals at a craft market ..

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.. waterfalls …

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.. river crossings ..

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… natural flora .. protea

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.. glorious sunrises …

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.. peaceful and quiet evenings … heavenly !!

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It was an amazing weekend !!     Magical !!

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