Connor turned 6 today !!!

Connor turned 6 today !!!

Cannot believe how fast these boys are growing up !!

I made the usual ‘Granny’s Speciality Choccie Cake’ .  Connor’s instructions were to put on cherries but NO nuts!    He loves cherries!  Had no idea where to place them so they ended up around the bottom.   He had a Laser Quest party with friends followed by lunch at Mimmos at Brightwater Commons.  I arrived with cake in hand at the end of the Laser Quest bit.   Children and grown-ups alike came out red face and wet with perspiration – it was awesome apparently ! 🙂    Great fun !!

Hence the cake .. a target ..

Copy of IMG_2199

Copy of IMG_2201

A hot and sweaty birthday boy pouring water down his front to cool down  ..

Copy of IMG_2203 Copy of IMG_2209

A group of dancers/singers were wandering around the centre and stopped to give us a gum boot dancing performance as well as sing Happy Birthday to Connor .. how cool is that !

Copy of IMG_2211 Copy of IMG_2213 Copy of IMG_2214 Copy of IMG_2215

A brief lesson in gum boot dancing 🙂

Copy of IMG_2216

Copy (2) of IMG_2220 Copy (2) of IMG_2223 Copy (2) of IMG_2225 Copy (2) of IMG_2226

Copy (2) of IMG_2229

Making a wish …

Copy of IMG_2231

Some were curious as to what the black circles were .. liquorice strips

Copy of IMG_2233

Copy of IMG_2235

Copy of IMG_2237

Happy 6th Birthday big boy !!!!  We love you lots and lots xxx mwah xxx

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