What now ?

What now ?

I’m feeling a little lost!  I’ve finished my epic account of our fabulous holiday in France.  I wish there was a way to print the entire thing and keep it as a journal !!

Now .. what do I blog about?    Back to the usual run-of-the-mill-everyday-stuff that keeps my days busy making sure time flies faster than ever before!!!  I am convinced that the world is spinning around a little faster as the years go by.   That’s a bad thing as I am getting older faster than I should.

Hubby and I are planning a trip, by car, down to the Cape in March … yay .. more photographs to look forward to, but in the meantime I will share some snippets from our Garden Route holiday, now two years ago !!!  .. told you our world is spinning faster as I cannot believe it was so long ago!    No repetition of blogs or pics, I promise, just some unseen-as-yet pics.  I have quite a few new followers and would love to share our beautiful country with you all.

In the meantime … our naughty Jackie who took the opportunity of snoozing on the chair while we weren’t looking ..

Copy of IMG_2246

“Oops .. caught me!! ”   Copy of IMG_2250

… and a simple rose for our dear neighbour, Derek who was brutally murdered on Wednesday last week and whose funeral it was today …

Copy of IMG_2162

We miss you already   … but I still feel your presence standing on the pavement in your shorts, slippers and large tummy, waving at me and others as they pass by .. always chatting with joggers, walkers and passers-by .. always having a word or two .. on the weather, what you’re making for dinner (he had his day for cooking, weekly), how much washing you have including all the underwear from large to small you peg on the line (he and Pat have their daughter and grandchildren living with them), always complaining about the cost of electricity and water,  taking your dog on his  ‘four-square’ walk  (he would walk with their hefty old dog from his corner, across the road to our corner, to our other corner, then back to his corner 🙂  ) … all the jokes, laughter, and scrunching up your mouth when you don’t have your false teeth in, which is most of the time!

Rest in peace dear friend .. my guardian angel

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  1. Yes, you can. Copy it onto A5 size into a word document, you will have to decide on the size of your margins to allow it to take a binder, then edit it and number the pages. I have done an A5 book for Nick titled “Upper Amber 1” which is the story of his flying career together with all his photographs and starting in 1949 to the present time. Decide on a cover Title, picture etc., and a back cover and those two can be laminated to make a hard cover. I took the booklet to Postnet and they laminated and put the binder on for me.
    / ………♥♪♫

    1. Thanks Helen – thinking about it seriously now but it seems a mammoth task! I’d have to make the photos smaller wouldn’t I? This needs more thought .. and help from my clever techno family !

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