When I grow up I want to be …

When I grow up I want to be …

Elaine is having her wedding dress made .. not by me .. ¬†by a dress designer ūüôā¬†¬†¬†When¬†we first walked into her studio I felt comfortable and inspired .. I knew¬†we’d found the right person for the job, for this very special day of my youngest daughter’s life

I was dying to take photographs of the room we were in .. of all the wedding dresses in different stages of progress, open fashion books on the table,  bits of lace, ribbon, threads in a bowl, a large ruler like my teachers had at school,  bowls of bits and bobs, strings of pearls under a glass dome etc .. and a tray of dainty cups and scented tea

We were both looking forward to the first dress fitting … yesterday.¬†¬† I took my little camera hoping I would be able to take photographs of a dress designer in action and the progress of¬†THE dress.¬† YES !!¬†¬† With pleasure, she said.¬†¬†Next time I shall take my Canon to get better shots and ask if I can take, not only the progress of THE dress but little details too .. of bits of lace, ribbon, threads in a bowl, a large ruler like my teachers had at school, bowls of bits and bobs, strings of pearls under a glass dome etc .. and the tray of dainty cups and scented tea !!!!¬†

Why¬†am I in awe of this person and her studio?¬† It¬†was¬†my dream to become a dress designer!¬† Throughout my teens I made my own clothes,¬†mixed and matched pattern pieces to¬†create my¬†own designs,¬†sew them together and wear them with pride.¬† I loved my¬†dressmaking classes at school –¬†at¬†an Agricultural¬†Show held each year in Salisbury, the one year I entered¬†a dress in the¬†dressmaking section, I won first prize and a highly commended.¬† I was taught that the inside was to look as neat as the outside … perfect in every way.¬† Miss¬†Frazer was my teacher and mentor .. she haunts me to this day, actually, as when I do a bit of sewing, hand or machine, and it’s not as neat as it should be, I glance up and¬†apologise to her ūüôā

As I entered my last year at high school, I changed my mind and decided to go to secretarial school, as did so many other girls!!!   In Rhodesia, at that time, girls became teachers, nurses or secretaries!!   Some went to university and some went elsewhere.  One of my friends went to an art college in Durban, South Africa.

Soooo, off I went to become a secretary .. my grown-up life began

I often wonder where my life would have led if I had taken a different road

I wonder.    Would I have had a big heavy Vogue sewing book on the floor as a doorstop ?

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