A protea named Sylvia

A protea named Sylvia

Jeanette had recently bought a bunch of these boldly coloured proteas and featured them on her blog.    I couldn’t resist to do the same yesterday when I spotted them at Woolies, even though we’re not going to be at home for the next week.

Copy of IMG_2403

You see, for those who don’t know,  my Mum’s name is Sylvia and hubby and I are getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to make our way down to the Cape for the next week, by car.   We will be visiting family, friends and my Mum who is in the Frail Care of an Old Aged Home in Somerset West.

In honour of my beautiful Mum … a protea named Sylvia …

Copy of IMG_2388 Copy of IMG_2394 Copy of IMG_2396 Copy of IMG_2399 Copy of IMG_2401

We will be returning next Sunday … see you then

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  1. Other than the fact that they are so beautiful, another thing is that they last so long. Proteas are awesome to have in the house… or garden. Have a good trip. I’m going to (hopefully) be at the Cape Getaway Show in Somerset West next weekend.

  2. What a beautiful long lasting bloom to be named Sylvia and, which will forever remind you and all of us of your mother.
    My thoughts will be with you as you visit Sylvia, and in my ‘minds eye’ she will be the beautiful friend I had nearly sixt years ago!

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