Mastering chopsticks !

Mastering chopsticks !

I bought a pair of ‘beginners chopsticks’ from Tokara, Stellenbosch on our recent trip to the Cape.  I remembered Connor’s previous year’s teacher showing me a photo she took of Connor picking up one strand of noodle at a time with one chopstick when they had a ‘Chinese day’ at school.  They had made Chinese hats and she made two-minute noodles served with chopsticks.

The boys came for a spaghetti supper the other evening when Jeanette and Lance went out for dinner.  They spotted these in the drawer when they set the table for dinner, complete with candles!!   They did the twirling-on-fork-like-an-Italian for their first plate of food …. then had fun picking up linguine with chopsticks ..

Copy of IMG_3144

Copy of IMG_3132

Copy of IMG_3139

Copy of IMG_3140

Copy of IMG_3141

Mmm .. yum yum !!

Copy of IMG_3142

Easy peasy !!

Copy of IMG_3138


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  1. I never knew that there were chopsticks like that. When we lived in Singapore we became quite proficient at eating with chopsticks and even ended up shovelling the rice into our mouths with them!

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