Toes in the sand …

Toes in the sand …

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… feet in the sea …

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… and footprints left behind ..

Copy of IMG_2658This is Grotto Beach in Hermanus – a huge expanse of white/grey sand.    I had to put my feet in the sand and sea.  I miss the sand and sea.  We used to holiday at the coast annually and since our lives have changed a little .. fabulous overseas trips instead .. we do miss it.  We miss the sand under our feet, sea breezes and the sound of the surf.   Even though I travel quite frequently to visit my Mum in Somerset West,  I see the sea every day from Ian and Kathy’s deck, but seldom go down and walk on the beach – there doesn’t seem to be time sadly.  Next time …

Copy of IMG_2655Copy of IMG_2644  Spot the little Jack Russell !!

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Happiness is ….

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What are Cheryl and Bob looking at ?

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… dolphins and birds diving for fish ..

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From the town itself there are various vantage points for ideal viewing of whales in Walker Bay.   Southern Right whales (up to 60 tons in weight) are in abundance from June to December.  Apparently the whales we saw were Bryde’s whales, streamlined and slender body with a small dorsal fin far down the back (up to 18 tons)   I hope I didn’t photograph a dolphin 😉

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Across the road from the vantage point is this new boutique hotel (new to us anyway) with an amazing swimming pool with glass front and loungers on the deck – perfect spot for whale watching !!

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Full size replica of a Southern Right whale ..

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The town’s colourful market filled with souvenirs and goodies   ..

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It was lovely spending time with you both again .. thanks so much for having us xxx

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