My brother makes corrugated cardboard boxes

My brother makes corrugated cardboard boxes

My younger brother, Ian, makes boxes  …

Every time I visit I see changes and expansion 🙂    He has taken over the factory space next door for storage of piles and piles of corrugated cardboard.  He has built a mezzanine floor .. all by himself !!!!   I am impressed .. very impressed !!!   Well done Ian .. it’s incredible !!  There’s even a gap in the railing for a forklift to load/off load stock!!   A forklift is on the top of his wish-list – he borrows one when needed   !!!   While building the platform he fell and fortunately was not hurt.    Ian is hands-on in his factory, working side-by-side with his employees, who have music blaring and smiley faces 🙂

Copy of IMG_2826 Copy of IMG_2827

He has built an amazing DIY dark room for developing silk screen frames …

Copy of IMG_2828

.. . the ‘wash-off bath’ (I have no idea what it’s called!)  for washing off the emulsion, leaving the signage/logo on the screen ready for printing on various boxes for customers ..

Copy of IMG_2829

If anyone needs short runs of boxes of any shape or size,  he will be glad to help –

Well done Ian .. Mum and Dad would be very proud, as I am – may you continue to grow from strength to strength xxx

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