Her dress is finished !

Her dress is finished !

Seems odd, but there it is …  with Elaine and Bryan’s wedding months away in October, Elaine wedding dress is finished !  .. ready to wear … ready for her BIG DAY !!  As it is months away, she will have an ‘absolute’  final fitting about two weeks before THE big day for tweaking and adjusting if need be

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We … Elaine, Robyn (yay .. she’s back from overseas just in time to be at the final fitting and delivery), and Jeanette (to take the official photographs of the ‘journey’)  and me … Mom 🙂   .. went for, as I’ve mentioned, to the final fitting and delivery of THE dress.  No photos and no hints … it’s stunning .. it’s beautiful … it had me in tears.

Why do Mom’s cry on their daughter’s wedding day, the dress designer asked .. is it because a daughter is leaving the nest – starting out a whole new life with someone else .. knowing she will have challenges and hurdles, huge or small .. years of nurturing, protecting and watching her grow into the beautiful woman she is.  Time for letting go.  It’s all those things .. and more.  In my case, she left the ‘nest’ two years ago .. I will still cry at her wedding.  Jeanette left the ‘nest’ a year before she married .. I cried at her wedding.  It’s just the way it is .. Mom’s cry at their daughter’s wedding

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We all love dress fitting day and spending an hour or so in this other world …’of bits of lace, ribbon, threads in a bowl, a large ruler like my teachers had at school,  bowls of bits and bobs, strings of pearls under a glass dome etc .. and a tray of dainty cups and scented tea’  ..  and the warm friendliness of the dress designer.  She handles the delicate fabrics with care as she showed us details on beautifully sewn gowns, including Elaine’s.  She loves what she does and it shows.

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The dress is done.   It’s ready for THE BIG DAY.  No-one will see it …  it’s covered completely .. and I mean completely !!!  It’s sewn closed !!

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I love her attention to detail .. even the cover gets a bow !!!


2 Replies to “Her dress is finished !”

  1. I love ALL that and only hope that on the bow or somewhere it has Elaine’s name on it! I am looking forward to seeing all the photographs, both professional as well as the one’s taken by family and friends.
    What about the going away outfit; is she buying that or also having it made?
    / ………♥♪♫

    1. It’s an amazing experience! We are picking it up on Wednesday – I will keep it at home. (it won’t get mixed up with anyone elses!)
      Going away outfits aren’t worn these days, the girls stay in their dresses until the last guest goes. After all they only wear them once!! The dressmaker says that the sign of a good fun wedding is when the dress is ‘trashed’ – she had had to do many repairs on ripped off buttons, ripped seams (anxious husbands!) and recommends a good dry cleaner for the mud and wine/champagne spills 🙂 Sounds a bit sad after all the work that’s gone into THE perfect dress

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