Karate kids

Karate kids

Bradley and Connor’s karate classes were open to parents yesterday.  Jeanette was there to see her boys .. please read her blog here .    They were graded last week and this was a demonstration to show parents how their kiddies are doing, plus their reports and gradings were handed out.  Both boys got stripes in their groups – Connor in white belt and Bradley in orange.   Very proud of Bradley who has had more than a year’s break.  He’ll catch up quickly if the other extra murals don’t clash as much as in the first term.

It’s a disciplined sport which requires concentration and co-ordination .. watching them go through the katas, I would get totally lost !!     Some of the littlies get a bit lost when they lose their grip on focussing ie belts fall off, things around them are far more interesting, chat with a friend, minds in another world and not listening to Sensei .. .. ..

Copy of IMG_3339 Copy of IMG_3343 Copy of IMG_3344 Copy of IMG_3345 Copy of IMG_3347 Copy of IMG_3349

Hug for mom 🙂

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Bradley’s group is smaller with white, yellow and orange belts.    Same ages, but at different stages of their practice

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Sensei’s assistant gave a demonstration of two more-advanced katas .. wow she was impressive !!    Sharp and powerful !!

Copy of IMG_3369 Copy of IMG_3371

Hug for Bradley 🙂   Well done Bradley .. keep it up 🙂  xxx

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  1. I’ve never been big on karate and never had an interest in doing it when I was young. But even with saying that, I love the pics of Connor’s class going through their steps.

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