Our favourite stop-over in the Karoo

Our favourite stop-over in the Karoo

Whenever hubby and I travel back to Gauteng from the Cape our usual, and favourite, stop-over is Kuilfontein Stable Cottages just outside Colesberg.  Its owned and run by  Penny and Leigh Southey, and their daughter,  who always make you feel so very welcome.  It is a B&B but serve the most delicious dinners as an extra cost.  They give you a call, while on the road, with your expected time of arrival and the menu options for the evening .. karoo lamb being one option.   We always choose karoo lamb .. naturally 🙂  Straight from the farm, you can’t get any better !!

Motoring along the highway, before reaching our destination though, we encountered several stop/go’s due to resurfacing.   Sometimes you’re lucky enough to reach one with flowing traffic … and other times .. not !   It does give you a chance to stretch your legs and absorb the beautiful Karoo landscape .. stationery!

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‘The Three Sisters’ .. I took a photograph from a different angle on our way down to the Cape .. this is a better view

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I have written about Kuilfontein in previous blogs, after previous stop-overs, but there’s always something new to photograph.  This sign is not new, but it always makes me smile ..

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Kuilfontein is an historic racehorse stud and sheep farm which has been in the family since 1876.   Stables have been converted into very comfortable rooms ..

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Our room is 3rd from the right, next door to the reception/lounge.  The full length window closest to the middle building is a charming pub where fellow travellers have pre-dinner drinks with their hosts.   The middle building, is the old feed room .. now the dining area 🙂

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Lounge/reception …

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‘Rack and Ruin’  … the charming pub !

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Dining room ready for dinner.   Breakfasts are a treat with freshly made farm health breads, muffins, fresh farm milk and cream … … …

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Fresh farm milk it was too !!!    A very early start to the following day, was greeted with cocks crowing and cows mooing.   With camera in hand of course, I found the source of the mooing …

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Added to the mooing of the mommy cows, plaintive cries came from three calves peering at their mommies through a gate!   Daddy bull making sure his brood stay put!!

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Copy of IMG_3059

One calf was with his mom, watching her milk being squirted into the bucket …

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I’m doing things backwards !!   Before our pre-dinner drinks in the pub, on our day of arrival,  we went for a lovely evening stroll on the farm.   Peaceful … and quiet !!


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