On the farm .. in the Karoo

On the farm .. in the Karoo

Following on from my previous post on Kuilfontein Stable Cottages :

Hubby and I went for a late afternoon/evening stroll before pre-dinner drinks with fellow travellers in the charming pub

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Mommy cow and baby cooling off in the shadows

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Isn’t he a cutie ? …

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The guest farm is not only for people … horses are catered for  too!!   Later that evening when I went out to take photographs of the glorious sunset, a horse was being stabled

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The bull with his female folk !!

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I’m no farmer but she looks pregnant !

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Farmhands on horseback.  Apparently all the farmers in the area are having major problems with jackals which take about 8 lambs per night!!!  These two were riding off into the sunset, most probably doing night-watch duty

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Mom and baby up and about in the cool evening ….

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Frisky little guy – he was running and leaping round mom …

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While having drinks in the pub, I glanced out the window and saw the stunning sunset.  I had to capture it .. naturally 😉

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Had to add this – I just noticed a man standing in the doorway of the house on the left  🙂

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  1. A Karoo farm in the early morning and late afternoon are amongst the most beautiful places and peaceful (even if they are busy) places there is. Makes for beautiful pictures and contemplation.

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