Rainy day thoughts

Rainy day thoughts

Dripping grey skies with cold creeping in.  Winter is on it’s way 🙁

Copy of IMG_3490 I do love the rain though.  It means I don’t have to water my garden and everything is wet, wet, wet

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Hubby and I went, this morning, to visit my son, Carl who has been in excruciating pain caused by kidney stones 🙁  His story is on his blog here    I don’t like seeing my children in pain 🙁   I wish I could take his pain away 🙁  He had improved a little but there is one little stone remaining that needs to shift.   Keep drinking my boy !!

Driving along the slippery wet surfaces of roads and highway to get to their house, we saw several accidents, including three cars that had spun going too fast round corners.  One had just happened –  no-one hurt but a dad was getting out of the driver’s side, a daughter out of the passenger side, another daughter/friend from the back seat.  I wondered if the two girls had had their seat belts on.   Just a thought!   So often we see a driver belted up but passengers not – especially young children.  And the worst, or course, are small children sitting on the mom’s lap in passenger seat, or standing in between mom and dad (which we saw on the way home .. on the highway!)   My blood boils when I see that!!!!

IMG_3480- Fiscal Flycatcher

What to do with boys when the weather is mizzy ?  Make paper planes !!!

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I left the boys yesterday with their Papa and paper planes for an appointment with the dress designer .. for me this time 🙂   Yay  … I am having my dress made for Elaine and Bryan’s wedding 🙂   I am sooo very lucky 🙂  !!!    I made my outfits for both Jeanette and Carl’s weddings, as well as Elaine’s flowergirl’s dress for Jeanette’s wedding, Elaine’s bridesmaid’s dress and  Jeanette’s outfit for Carl’s wedding, and other family weddings.

I have never had any dress/outfit made for me except when I was little .. before I learned to sew my own when I was a teenager .. when my Mum made all my clothes and knitted all our jerseys.  I envied my friends who had bought dresses and jerseys, but now I am grateful and thankful for all my Mum did for me.  I treasure those memories.

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I wish I could tell my Mum about Elaine’s forthcoming October wedding,  her wedding dress, now finished and sealed in a bag ready for her big day.

I wish I could show her the snippets of fabric, the ideas we have for the bridal entourage, the plans I have for the cake (which I pray will work .. and not flop on the day !!!! ), the décor and flowers ideas .. … .. she would love the theme … the venue

I wish I could share with her our excitement of it all … she would have loved to share this very special day.  She always said that she wouldn’t be alive when Elaine got married .. she would never see her as a bride.  We always said it was nonsense and that she would be.  I think she’s waiting .. she’s waiting for Elaine to be married

IMG_3502 (2)

I must add one of my favourite photographs of my Dad with Elaine.   They came down from Zimbabwe to be with us when Elaine was born and I remember my Dad and I sitting in the garden, while my Mum was inside with our newest arrival and he said to me “she’s very special, a very precious little being”   and I must look after her – of course I would, but I knew what he meant.  Miss you so much and love you lots Daddy xxx

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I spent time with my Mum when we were in Somerset West a few weeks ago.  She had been moved, with all the frail care patients, in November last year, to the main Helderberg Old Aged Society buildings.  This was the first time I’d seen her in her new ‘digs’ !  Hubby and I were impressed after our initial downhearted feelings.  We were shown the way through the buildings along back passages at the back of the building.  Once we arrived at the main lounge my heart sank yet again but after a few minutes I realised how well it worked.

Copy of IMG_2857  The lounge room is large, cold looking .. lacking feeling .. lacking warmth.   Chairs in rows, up and down the length and breadth and along the mid-section.  Every chair is occupied.  Tables with chairs are in the middle.   The elderly, in different stages of their extreme golden years, sit.  Some staring into nothingness .. most staring into nothingness.   Some get up and shuffle in and out of the room passing each other like zombies.   It’s really hard to see .. to witness .. to be with all those people who don’t know you’re there.

But after a while I noticed how clean it was.   The floor was shining, the curtains were fresh,  a piano with a notice board above it with details of activities including a sing-along which had taken place about 15 minutes prior to our visit, the attention the elderly are given by the many nurses and staff, the large window behind which are helpers, Sisters and Matron are in attendance at all times.  Budgies tweet at one of the many windows lightening up their world.   I was impressed 🙂  I was happy that my Mum is happy

Copy of IMG_2856

My Mum – she is well.   She has colour in her face, whereas at my last visit she was very pale.   Her very slight figure is slouched, knees up, feet on the chair .. her movements are slower.  She’s slowing down .. but she’s waiting .. waiting for something .. waiting for Elaine’s big day (?)

I miss you and love you lots Mummy xxx


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  1. That trip down memory lane together with the photos of Gordon and Sylvia caused a lump in my throat and reminded me of just over two very happy years in my life when I knew them and stayed with them in their home from time to time. Sylvia and I were always moving furniture around much to Gordon’s amusement!

    They were so very kind to me and I appreciated the fact that my wedding reception was held in their beautiful garden, with all the Keays and the Woans in attendance. I loved them all, such precious times; I only wish I could thank them again.

    With love from Helen

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