Time for reflection

Time for reflection


It’s my Mum’s birthday today .. she is 85!

She doesn’t know it.  Every day for her is the same.  Exactly the same.   She is bathed, dressed for the morning of ‘socializing’ in the lounge, back in bed in the afternoon.   She is fed mushed-up breakfast, lunch and supper.  She is given tea with a large syringe.

Days come and go ..


.. nights come and go ..


She used to sit on this bench in my garden with a cup of tea or a snack  – (actually not that particular bench .. the pretty wooden one which used to sit in this spot is collapsing and has been moved elsewhere in the garden!!)

Copy (2) of IMG_3655

Today is special … it’s her birthday and she’s 85 !!  I wish I could spend the day with her, taking her out for lunch (preferably fish, she would say!) , raising a glass of wine to her very good health, happiness and longevity, bringing her home for a slice of my choccie cake served with tea.    I wish it was different … …  🙁

Love and miss you, Mummy so very very much xxx

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