Helen and Duncan’s wedding at the Rand Club

Helen and Duncan’s wedding at the Rand Club

I could kick myself !!!!!!!!¬† I decided to leave my Canon at home and only take my little camera ūüôĀ¬†¬†¬† Stupid thing to do !!¬† Really really stupid !!

Helen, Bryan’s sister, married Duncan¬†over the weekend¬†at the Rand Club in Johannesburg’s city centre.¬† I loved the ceremony .. held on the grand staircase of this old historical building built in 1904.¬† The Rand Club was founded in 1887, after the discovery of gold in the Witwatersrand in 1886, as an exclusive gentlemen’s club.¬† Two earlier editions of the club were built on the same site before the present building was built in 1904.¬†¬† About 12 years ago the exclusive mens only club changed it’s status to allow women through their doors.


(photograph from website www.gauteng.net-The-rand-club )

Oh my .. I had so wished I had taken my ‘big’ camera to take photographs of the interior with it’s antique furniture, magnificent libraries, old photographs and paintings, beautiful old¬†clocks¬†etc.¬†¬† We arrived at Helen and Duncan’s wedding early in order to get a parking right outside¬†so we were able to wander around this grand building.¬† Most doors to historical conference rooms were locked, understandably.¬† I would have loved to have taken a peek!¬†¬† My boss, from way back when I worked not far from there, used¬†to¬†go to the Club for lunches!!¬† He used to always come back to the office¬†smoking a large cigar right down the very end!!¬† He smoked a pipe, generally,¬†but when he smoked cigars, he would put the¬†end in his pipe and smoke it ’til the last !!!!!¬†¬†¬† I remember that smell very well ūüôā¬† I must say I do like the smell of a good cigar!!

Where those two men are standing is where Helen and Duncan exchanged their vows with all guests standing on the staircase and on the gallery.  How special is that !!

Copy of P1080558

Copy of P1080582

The old lift, up to the year 2005, was manually operated ..

Copy of P1080560

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Doorway to the Ballroom, where the wedding tables were set for dinner ..

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Photographs and cartoons hang on the walls up this staircase.¬† This one is¬†titled¬† ¬†” The new land of¬†promise”¬†¬†!!¬†¬† (In my parents and grandparents time .. not in ours sadly)

Copy of P1080572

Copy of P1080571

A framed letter written in Sept 1964 by AW Lloyd, the cartoonist of many of those hanging on the walls¬†since the early 1900’s

Copy of Copy of P1080573

Copy of P1080576

I took a closer look at one of these brass connections installed¬†on walls¬†along the passages … British Vacuum Cleaner Co. Ltd¬† ..

Copy of P1080577

Copy of P1080579

The main pub .. wow !!¬† Amazing room!!¬† Apparently it’s the longest pub

Copy of P1080584

More wedding guests were arriving to the beautifully played melodies on the grand piano Рit was lovely !!   Behind the pianist is main, original library Рwould have loved to have peeped in there!!!

Copy (2) of P1080580

I sadly don’t have many photographs of the wedding.¬†¬† Standing on the staircase, we were asked not to take photographs during the ceremony¬†as the photographer didn’t want everyone lifting up their cameras, firstly as it would not make for good photographs through their lenses, and they asked for no flashes.¬† I tucked my camera against me so as not to interfere with the proceedings ..

Copy of P1080590

Helen with her dad, Nigel, led by Maid of Honour, Kylie, gracefully and elegantly¬†walked down this magnificent staircase to the landing …

Copy of P1080591

Copy of P1080594

Helen looked radiant!!!  Her dress was perfect for such a stunning setting !!

Copy of P1080599

Copy of P1080615

Copy of P1080614

Many congratulations Helen and Duncan, and may you share love, laughter and happiness always and forever xxx


For more fascinating info of the Rand Club visit the website : www.randclub.co.za

Well .. I found it fascinating because I¬†often used to walk passed the building during my lunch hour, knowing too that my boss was inside on many occasions with a group of gentlemen puffing at cigars and sipping a whiskey, a brandy or an ice cold beer!!¬† It’s also a place that came up in our schoolroom ¬†history lessons¬†on¬†the early South Africa.

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