Bradley turned TEN !!

Bradley turned TEN !!

I can hardly believe it … 10 !!!  My eldest grandson is ten years old!!  He’s getting big .. he’s getting tall!!   The top of his head reaches the bottom of my ears!!!

He had an awesome party at Acrobranch in Melrose on Sunday with 10 friends.  They had such a lot of fun!!  Please read Jeanette’s blog post …

I was so impressed with the kiddies, especially the younger ones, who followed the instructions plus safety rules given by the guide on the Training Course

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This they had to complete first before advancing to Course One and Course Two.

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The linking up process was explained very well – carabiners (on red cords) are hooked onto the red tape .. always.  Pulleys (yellow) are hooked over yellow tapes .. always.  Then carabiners are hooked onto pulleys .. always.  The opposite procedure follows at the end.  The linking up process begins again at the beginning of the next obstacle ending with the opposite procedure etc etc.   As I said, we were all so impressed with their focus and concentration and listening to instructions

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Ground level is quite undulating hence some platforms seem lower but they’re all rather high – even on Course Two.   People who don’t follow the safety rules by always having one carabiner clipped on at all times are lowered down by a safety harness.   Safety procedures were good and guides were watchful the whole time

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I must add here that one of the kiddies .. Angelique  … was heard to say whilst standing on one of the platforms and with a huge smile on her face …

“I never thought that nature could be so cool ”  !!!!!!!  🙂  🙂


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And then there was cake 🙂  which of course was my Granny Speciality Choccie cake 🙂  Rope ladder to a rope swing bridge to a zipline to another rope swing bridge to a long zipline to ground level  😉   twigs of rosemary for trees !




Awesome party enjoyed by all !!!     Happy 10th Birthday Bradley !!!!

Love you lots Bradley Bear xxx mwah xxx

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