… and a tray of dainty cups and fragranced tea

… and a tray of dainty cups and fragranced tea

Going to the dress designer for me has been a thrill!!  The same designer, ‘A’,  who created Elaine’s beautiful wedding gown (yet to be seen of course until October) is making my dress for her wedding.

I love going to her studio!  It’s like walking into a different world .. a world of beautiful old pieces of furniture, ornaments,  a flower or two in small vases, lace and ribbon, rolls of fine fabric, a couple of rails of elegant dresses, mainly exquisite wedding gowns, glossy bridal magazines, tape measures, bowls of bits and bobs,  strings of pearls … … and a tray of dainty cups, sprinkled with fresh rose petals, and fragranced tea

Since our first appointment, we’ve been offered a different flavoured teas.  Years ago I had my first taste of herbal teas.  I didn’t like them.  They tasted like drinking flowers!  My taste-buds have obviously matured.  Since our first appointment, ‘A’  has offered us, (now me, as I’m going on my own in the mornings) delicately flavoured teas.  It’s opened up a whole new world for me .. I, who have alternated from Five Roses to Liptons with Rooibos in between.  English Breakfast tea is also a favourite.

My ‘new’ tea collection so far !!! …

Copy of IMG_4013

Great advert for Twinings !!!

Today ‘A’ had yet another tea for me to taste .. Dilmah’s Vanilla and Rose – very nice delicate flavour.     I do have a Dilmah tea .. Ceylon Supreme tea.  I was introduced to Dilmah tea on our trip to the Garden Route when we stayed at Elephant Hide B&B in Knysna two years ago and haven’t seen it on the shelves here until recently.

Nothing beats a good cappuccino especially when out and about shopping or chatting with a friend in a café but there also nothing nicer than relaxing at home with a hot cup of delicately flavoured tea

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  1. I am a coffee lover…but I begin buzzing after tow cups…so now I drink rooibos during the day and in evenings. I do love camomile and fennel tea as a change now and again.

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