Our Italian adventure begins ..

Our Italian adventure begins ..

I’ve been posting photos on my Facebook page, neglecting my blog.  I thought of doing blog posts randomly to avoid boredom to my dear bloggie friends, but I may get into a pickle that way, as I shall be doing my bit-for-the-wedding simultaneously.

Please join me as I share our adventure with my thoughts, our experiences and photographs of this wonderful country … first three days on our own in Rome, followed by a 13 day Trafalgar Tour “Best of Italy” sharing a coach with new friends as we travelled around Italy.

I shall begin at the beginning … waiting for our flight at ORT Airport, Johannesburg …

Copy of P1080645

Toasting our forthcoming trip with champagne on the SAA flight before take-off – lucky for us we were able to fly business class ! …

Copy of P1080647 Flew over the snow-capped Alps touched by morning rays  …


.. with stopover in Frankfurt for a few hours.    The airport is vast .. so much so you have to beware of cyclists and golf carts !!!!

IMG_4035 IMG_4044


I love flying over Germany (as we did when we flew to and from Munich on our way to Paris last year)  with all the coloured patches interspersed with forests, big and small.  I think Germany must be on my travel list!!


Back over the snow-capped Alps …


.. circling stunningly turquoise waters of the Mediterranean …


.. then over the Italian countryside ..


Yay .. we’re in Italy !!  🙂  🙂    … first time on Italian soil !


We caught the fast train from the airport to Termini station – no space for luggage except overhead.  Poor hubby had to heave our cases onto the shelf to make way for a group of young 20-somethings who talked non-stop in Italian of course as well as communicate on their cell phones!   Hours and hours of listening ..  while driving in my car .. to my speak-the-Italian-language-CD-to-get-by-in-Italy didn’t help one bit !!   I know it’s bad to eavesdrop but I wanted to pick up the odd word or even get a jist of what they were saying!


From there we had to lug our cases along the cobbled streets, in the heat (we had come from winter albeit a mild one so far!)  to our hotel which wasn’t that far away, even though the walk seemed endless with our wheels jiggling along the cobbles.   Hubby was a star .. he’d booked us into a super central hotel for the next three nights.   Easy access to everything on foot – we walked Rome flat in the next three days !!   Walking through the doors of the Artemide Hotel’s doors into cool air conditioning was most welcome!!



Collages 28

We didn’t waste time in hitting the streets of Rome.   After a quick refreshing break, sunblock – realised I had left my hat at home 🙁 –  and with map in hand, we began our discovery of Rome.  After a couple of hours, photos of which I will share later, we returned to the hotel for an evening complimentary glass of champers on the roof terrace (where meals are served) to study the map and plan the following day’s route …

Copy of IMG_4131




By the end of our three days this is what the map looked like …

Copy of IMG_7727

Hubby and I spent our first evening meal in Rome at a trattoria close by ..

Copy of P1080678

.. bruschetta with the most brilliantly red and ever-so tasty tomatoes, followed by pasta .. yummm … paired with a carafe of Chianti for me and beer for hubby.  To end the meal nothing could be better than a soft melt-in-the-mouth flavoursome tiramisu!!!!

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  1. I’m with Jeanette. Can’t wait for more.

    When I think Italy I think history, food and the beautiful Italian countryside and so far so good. Referring to your whole post, the journey there is as much part of the holiday than the holiday itself.

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