Walk-about in Rome : Vittorio Emanuele II Monument

Walk-about in Rome : Vittorio Emanuele II Monument

Continuing from my last post …. at last I hear you say !! ??  p.s. not the usual travel pics, as is my style …  capturing what I see along the way too 🙂

Without wasting time, hubby and I started our walk-about having arrived at the hotel in the early afternoon.   This is Via Nationale – our hotel is up the road near the church bell tower ..

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… at the end of the road is Piazza della Repubblica and Santa Maria degli Angeli, designed by Michelangelo and built around the remains of Roman baths ..


… and one of 280 fountains in Rome .. a staggering figure !!

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Walking in the opposite direction the Via Nationale leads to Vittorio Emanuele II Monument, the first king of unified Italy.  Building began in 1885 and inaugurated in 1911


Along Via Nationale ..

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(Wasn’t this tunnel used in the movie .. The Italian Job ? )

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Vittorio Emanuele II Monument with Trajan’s Column and the remains of the Trajan’s Forum (in front of the Umbrella Pines) …


I will do Trajan’s Forum and Market in a following post – we took pics of the Market on our way to the Colosseum two days later.

Vittorio Emanuele II Monument, a huge brilliant white marble building was built on the northern slope of Capitoline Hill, site of the Capitol, citadel of ancient Rome:

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A flight of marble steps rise up to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  No sitting is allowed anywhere in this area .. there are policemen with a sharp eye and a whistle !!!


I was dying to take a pic of these whistle-blowing policemen but thought the better of it !!!


Vittorio Emanuele II on his horse … he was king of Sardinia 1849 – 1861 and then king of unified Italy from 1861 ’til his death in 1878


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Copy of IMG_4103Next to the monument is Santa Maria in Aracoeli, which stands of the site of the temple of Juno.   Wide, lengthy white marble steps ‘The Aracoeli Steps’ lead up to the church – the sun was too bright for a photograph !!!!

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Bells of Santa Maria in Aracoeli …

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A lift takes visitors up to the top of the monument for magnificent panoramic views.  Being the first time in Rome and only just arrived, it gave us an opportunity to see the ‘lay of the land’ .. very interesting indeed!!


The Ancient City lay before us (much smaller than I imagined)  …


A closer look ..

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Looking in the opposite direction … the city of Rome with St Peter’s Basilica on the skyline ..

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IMG_3427 IMG_3428

Trajan’s Forum and Market ..


Two bronze quadrigae crown the monument each with a statue of winged Victory, one depicting unity and the other freedom ..

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Certainly a bird’s eye view from there .. (spot the seagull on the belfry of Santa Maria in Aracoeli!)

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Inside the monument is a museum which ‘charts the events that led to the Unification with a display of paintings, documents, photographs, and memorabilia such as coins and flags ..

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Copy of IMG_4107 Copy of IMG_4108 Copy of IMG_4109 Copy of IMG_4110

Our first taste of Italian gelato before walking back to the hotel for a shower and an early evening meal at the nearby trattoria of pizza, pasta, tiramisu, chianti and beer 🙂 then a good night’s sleep before tackling the next day of traipsing in the hot sun around this magnificent city of Rome


Trajan Forum and Market follows in next post ….

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    1. Bradley would also find it interesting – especially the Colosseum. It is tiring though for kiddies as there’s lots of walking and at this time of year, it’s extremely hot.

  1. One of my colleagues got engaged in Rome about 2 weeks ago – on one of the roof tops at night! So romantic!! AND she had no idea and was not expecting it!

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