Walk-about in Rome : Trajan’s Forum and Markets

Walk-about in Rome : Trajan’s Forum and Markets

Trajan’s Forum and Market as seen from Vittorio Emanuele II Monument –


Roman Emperor Trajan, 98 – 117 AD,  began to build his forum in AD 107 to commemorate his conquest of Darcia (Romania).  It consisted of a vast colonnaded open space, a huge basilica and two big libraries


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It wasn’t difficult to imagine the people dressed in togas and sandals wandering in and out of these buildings and down the main road, which ran under the bridge on left ..


As I think I’ve mentioned before, I did Classical Culture for a year in high school instead of Latin !   .. a far nicer subject to learn and less complicated than the language of Latin!!    .. amo amas amat amamus amatis amant .. .. ..

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‘Dominating the ruins today is Trajan’s Column which originally stood between the two libraries.  Spiralling up its 35m high stem, built in 113AD,  are minutely detailed scenes from the Dacian campaigns … … ‘   A bronze statue of St Peter now stands on top where the figure of Trajan used to be


The column is hollow with a spiral staircase within it reaching the platform on top ..




‘The market complex, behind the forum, was begun earlier, and was the ancient Roman equivalent of the modern shopping centre.  There were around 150 shops selling everything from oriental silks and spices to fruit, fresh fish and flowers.’   Free rations of corn given to the Roman men, were distributed from here, by the politicians who wanted to buy votes and prevent unrest during periods of famine ..

IMG_4374 IMG_4375  Via Biberatica, up those steps is the main street  through Trajan’s Market ..



Fascinating history comes to life !!!

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