Rip-off for corkage !!

Rip-off for corkage !!

Elaine organised a family luncheon, including Bryan’s parents, on a glorious warm winter’s day today relaxing at The Other Side Restaurant at Monaghan Farm, to celebrate my hubby’s birthday.

There was a quite a nip in the air so tables were set on the sunny side of the restaurant instead sitting out in the open near the small dam.  The food was delicious!!    Between us we had pizzas, pastas, steaks and meatballs.   Renée and I had meatballs served with a very tasty almond sauce on a bed of soft polenta and topped with wilted spinach.  Very very good !!!    We couldn’t fault the food at all.  The service was a little slow but it didn’t matter .. we had all day !!

Bringing our own wine, we knew we would pay for corkage, as you do when you bring your own wine but they charged R100 per bottle !!!  When Elaine ..  followed by other members-of-the-family-for-back-up .. questioned the high price, they were told that they would normally charge R300 per bottle !!!!   They said that R100 corkage was the residence price (Monaghan Farm is a residential estate)

For corkage !!!!  That’s ludicrous !!!!

I’m afraid they won’t be seeing us again – even though it was such a lovely place  … very relaxing, out in the country, quiet .. a perfect setting

But .. thank you Sweetie Pie … despite the hiccup … it was a very special day 🙂    Thank you so very much for organizing it (trying to get our family together is a mission in itself !!) love you lots and lots xxx

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Hubby shares his birthday with many special people, including Nelson Mandela – on the 18th July.  Connor was my assistant cake-making pastry chef and between him and Bradley they decorated their Papa’s birthday cake on Thursday afternoon –

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6 Replies to “Rip-off for corkage !!”

  1. It is a ripoff. Reminds me of a birthday nwe celebrated a few years ago. They were also stiff on the corkage…and that is even though we bought wine from them too. My hubby took the corkage off and added 10% tip. They were so rude. They put the corkage back on, took the tip off and then slammed the door behind us when we left. The evening cost us close to R2500 as we were a party of 8. The next day I got a call from the owner to tell me that we will never be welcome in his restaurant again. I replied: O dear, where will we eat then? 😛

      1. We took a bottle of champagne to toast my daughter’s birthday and bought the rest of the wine there. They charged us R60 for corkage on the bottle of champagne. We wouldn’t have gone back even if this didn’t happen. My DIL and I took one single bite of our sole and it was inedible. There food sucked.

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