Walk-about in Rome : onward to Piazza Navona

Walk-about in Rome : onward to Piazza Navona

Leaving the Pantheon, hubby and I made our way to Piazza Navona for a spot of lunch and something cold to drink under the shade of a pavement café’s umbrella ..

One way to see the sights of Rome is on a Segway ..  bit of a disadvantage I would think, is taking a photo on the move.  I walk .. pause .. snap .. walk .. pause .. .. .. .. .. 🙂


IMG_4305 IMG_4306  Saint Yves at La Sapienza : a Roman Catholic Church built 1642-60 – architect Francesco Borromini … ‘the Church is a masterpiece of Roman Baroque architecture’



Piazza Navona  … a beautiful elongated oval square follows the shape of a 1st century AD stadium built by Domitian, which was used for athletic contests, chariot races and other sports.  The piazza took on it’s present appearance in the 17th century when Pope Innocent X commissioned a new church, palace and fountain


We came back on our walk-about with the Trafalgar Tour’s local guide hence the  different time of day when these pics were taken

Sant’Agnese in Agone .. (17th century Baroque church)

IMG_4952 Statue of St Agnes – in AD 304 the young St Agnes was exposed naked to force her to renounce her faith – she stands with a face turned away


The central fountain, the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, is Bernini’s most magnificent with statues of the four great rivers of the world at that time – the Nile, the Plate, the Ganges and the Danube







Piazza Navona, with it’s two other fountains on either end, is a ‘pedestrians paradise filled with cafés, street performers and artists, and milling tourists’




IMG_3509 IMG_3510





IMG_4323 IMG_4324Hubby and I sat for as long as we could, as did this elderly couple next to us, sipping our drinks and nibbling on yummy Italian munchies … have I mentioned how delicious the tomatoes were 😉   red, plump and juicy and taste like tomatoes !!   The waiters were wonderful here at Caffé Barocco, they didn’t hurry us at all while we took advantage of the cooling mist sprays and shade from that intense heat!




IMG_4328 (2)


Next post … strolling back to our hotel via a different route through a fresh produce market, Area Sacra di Largo Argentina and Piazza del Quirinale .. the latter not on route we should have taken as we got a little lost !!   Weary legs and hot feet by the time we reached our destination!!!!  .. … … then we decided to walk back to the Spanish Steps for dinner !!! 

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  1. The ancient Romans really like their naked people, didn’t they. Statues, history, fountains, obelisks. Oh so much history and beautiful old architecture. And you seem to have done your share of people watching.

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