Walk-about in Rome : Market, 4th c. BC ruins and more ..

Walk-about in Rome : Market, 4th c. BC ruins and more ..

After resting under the shade of umbrellas and cool mist sprays whilst eating another delicious bruschetta with those red-plump-and-juicy-that-taste-like-tomatoes tomatoes in Piazza Navona, hubby and I made our way back to our hotel catching the end of the morning’s market at Campo de’Fiori (Field of Flowers) ..


It was the liveliest  and roughest areas of medieval and Renaissance Rome.  Cardinals and nobles mingled with fishmongers and foreigners.  In the Renaissance the piazza was surrounded by inns.   It was also a place of execution.
Statue of philosopher, Giordano Bruno, who was burned at the stake for heresy on this spot in 1600 for suggesting the earth moved around the sun ..

IMG_4345Quite a few stalls were packing up their goods and dismantling their tables but there was still a buzz of locals and tourists buying fresh produce ..

IMG_4349 IMG_4337 IMG_4338 IMG_4340 IMG_4342 IMG_4343 IMG_4344

IMG_4347 IMG_4348


This is one way to keep flowers fresh as the sun beats down!   Flower merchant hooks out the bunches with a rake ..


IMG_4334 IMG_4335

Music while you buy, browse or eat at the one of the many cafés/trattorias ..

IMG_4350 No idea what this is called …  it’s played like a xylophone


My dad owned a little red fiat, just like this one,  when I was around 7..8..9 years old.  We, as children, loved it!!!  We loved standing on the back seat poking our head and shoulders out the sunroof ..  wind in our hair !!


A shop just for hats !!  We don’t have such shops !!



Area Sacra di Largo Argentina … important ruins of four Republican temples uncovered here in 1925, are among the oldest found in Rome ..


For purpose of identification, they are known as A, B, C, and D.  The oldest temple C, dates from the end of 4th century BC.  Temple A is from mid-3rd century and temple D from 2nd century BC.  Temple B was built between A and C after what is thought to have been a fire in 111BC that destroyed much of the city.   Behind temple B and C are remains of the Curia of Pompey, where the Senate met and where Julius Caesar was assassinated by Brutus, Cassius and their followers on 15 March 44BC



Thirsty work, walking is especially when it’s hot … fresh cold water was always not far around a corner.   Hubby looking a little disgusted with the chappie drinking straight from the fountain …. mouth over the spout!!!  .. then he proceeded to douse his whole head with the lovely cool clear fresh water !!!!!

IMG_4358 Hmm hubby was next in the queue which was no longer, as everyone watched and waited for the chappie, deciding to move to form a longer queue for the other spout  ..  naturally hubby wiped the spout before filling our bottles !


This shop was filled with ‘boys’ stuff’ ie swords, daggers, shields.  Would love to have bought something for the grandsons from here but besides wooden swords, everything else was rather expensive ..


We knew we were close to our hotel but decided to take a different route via Piazza del Quirinale …






Giardini del Quirinale ..


Chiesa di Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale – (Church of St Andrew)  a very small Baroque Roman Catholic titular church designed by Bernini 1658-65 built for the Jesuit seminary on Quirinal Hill.  Pity it was closed for renovations as I believe it’s beautiful inside with the most amazing dome ..


www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhEg8Wx_NA8  If this link to a very interesting video on the interior doesn’t work, then google Sant’Andrea al Quirinale and click on youTube video  – I’m not clued up on downloading videos to my blog 😉  technologically challenged, that’s me !!

Finally, we reached our hotel for a short break then hubby and I were off again, on foot .. again..  to the Spanish Steps for a relaxing meal at one of the trattorias


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  1. I always look at pictures of markets like this one and wonder why we don’t have them around South Africa. Somebody needs to just get a big open warehouse type building and start to rent out space and get one going.

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