Random pics one evening in Rome

Random pics one evening in Rome

As I said in previous post, hubby and I went back to our hotel to freshen up before making our way back to the Spanish Steps for a pizza at one of the many trattorias – finding one with two empty seats was a mission!!!  But we eventually found one!   This area is a very popular place for eateries …


P1080680 P1080681

I think these are roasted chestnuts .. I’ve never seen roasted chestnuts .. ever .. but these look as though they are them 😉





Collages 210



P1080691 P1080693 P1080694 P1080696Pizza … deeee-licious ..




Tiramisu .. yumm .. need I say more !!!


Happy hubby 🙂  ..


Our gorgeous waitress… full of smiles and very friendly ..


This is where we ate.   That’s our gorgeous waitress in the white shorts !


P1080713 P1080714 P1080715 P1080716 P1080717 P1080719


It was such a lovely relaxing evening.   Strolled back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep before the following day when we experienced the wonders of the Ancient City of Rome


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  1. Great pictures. I especially love the one with the roses and and the reflection of the building. I am going to study abroad in England next month for three months, so I am drooling over everyone’s travel photographs. Looks like you had a great time 🙂 Rome looks beautiful.

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