Love them but they don’t love me

Love them but they don’t love me

Brunfelsia …. ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow’

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I have five bushes of these spectacular shrubs in my garden.    Spring is here and so is the pollen.  Amongst all the pollens floating around the air,  the Brunfelsia flowers give off the most beautiful scent but plays havoc with my eyes 🙁

Puffiness.  Redness.  Itchiness.  Looks like I’ve been crying for a week !!!!   I am a little stressed but not crying .. yet !

… and we have a wedding in a few weeks time and I am Mother of the Bride!  

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I use Zadetin eye drops, recommended by an eye specialist a few years ago, and I keep my eyes lubricated .. but I am Mother of the Bride !!!  If all else fails a trip to the doctor will be necessary, I think.

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