Mellow yellow

Mellow yellow

I’m not a yellow person and never really wanted yellow flowers in my garden but my Mum, who also was not a yellow person,  always had the odd yellow flowers or shrubs in hers as it ”lift’s the colours’ she would say.   I therefore have also always had the odd yellow flower or shrub to ‘lift my garden’ 😉

Copy of IMG_8105 Copy of IMG_8132 Copy of IMG_8103 Copy of IMG_8127 Copy of IMG_8130 Copy of IMG_8022

Copy of IMG_8107

Nom..nom.. nom.. sweet, tasty snack for little yellow spider .. 🙁

Copy of IMG_8125

Rome next .. promise 😉  Can’t wait to share the day the Harley’s met the Pope .. and we were there too!   First things first .. Via Veneto, a taste of La Dolce Vita

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