Wedding celebrations

Wedding celebrations

Oh my .. where do I begin? !!!  In a nutshell .. a little bit of country, a little bit of bush and game viewing and a little bit a lot of wine 😉

1. Our beautiful daughter’s marriage to the love of her life, Bryan, at Providence in the Midlands .. and what a gorgeous wedding it was too!  Décor … simple and oh so very pretty!  Well done, Sweetie Pie .. all those months of planning and organising paid off .. it was absolutely beautiful!   Elaine’s wedding gown was the most exquisite soft creamy Spanish lace and silk vintage style designed by Abigail Betz.  Beautiful !!!

Hubby and I didn’t take any photographs at the wedding.  The photos we have for now were taken by Terry and Paola, Terry mostly as Paola videoed most of this very special celebration.   Jeanette’s link, and the link to official photographer, Eileen are below.  They both have stunning photographs !!

Copy of DSC_0144










Copy of DSC_0037

2. Farside Farm … the B&B where we stayed for a few nights, and what a wonderful place .. truly home from home 🙂    Abel, coming to my rescue several times.  We booked out the entire place including the dam cottage/bridal suite which, on the morning of the wedding, was abuzz with laughter, girls, dresses, tasty snacks, happy tears!

Copy of IMG_8223

Copy of IMG_8303


Copy of Copy of IMG_8239

The secluded dam cottage ( or should I say … the cottage by the dam;) )

Copy of IMG_8224

3. Rawdon’s Hotel … one night only … leaving the newly weds to the peace and quiet of the cottage.  That was the plan anyway!  It didn’t work quite like that … they met up for breakfast with Bryan’s family members who came from far and wide and we joined them for coffee, leaving them later to finally relax at Farside’s dam cottage

IMG_8328 IMG_8337

4. Leopard Mountain Game Lodge about 4/5 hours by car, with Terry and Paola following in my little car (both cars were packed with boxes of wedding stuff!) …


IMG_8379 IMG_8452




5. Back on the road again .. drove back home for one night, then the four of us flew off for the weekend to Cape Town sharing the Cape’s magnificent scenery and wines with our friends from afar ..




Waterford Wine Estate ..


Phew … all this in 10 days!!  Will post each experience separately 😉

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