Creating a vision of grace and elegance

Creating a vision of grace and elegance

.. and the woman behind the creation is the very talented and lovely Abigail Betz


Abigail designed and made Elaine’s exquisite wedding gown …

Copy of IMG_3268 --06-04-2013

Jeanette has taken far better pics than mine, to record the ‘journey of the dress’ for Elaine, but as I also took along a camera … whether it be the little Panasonic or the Canon, or even my cell phone .. I have also recorded the making of her dress.   As those who follow my blog will know of these dress fittings, with Elaine,  I only revealed ..   ” … the bits of lace, ribbon, threads in a bowl, a large ruler like my teachers had at school, bowls of bits and bobs, strings of pearls under a glass dome etc .. and the tray of dainty cups and scented tea !!!! ”    .. and my desire, as a school girl, to pursue a career in dress design

Collages 214 Collages 215 Collages 216

Now I can reveal all !!!  Yay !!!   A mock-up is cut out and fitted …

Copy of P1080534 - 20-2-2013

Copy of P1080548..

Copy of P1080545

Copy of P1080549

Next fitting !!   .. all Elaine’s dreams of the perfect gown is coming together ..


Abigail pins the delicate creamy Spanish lace onto the waistline showing Elaine what it will look like.  Even the lace with silk lining attached (above) looked amazing  !




The next appointment is made .. we always looked forward to the next one!!!  There is something really special about this studio ..


Next fitting :    wow .. looking beautiful, and unique, with the added lace peplum !!

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… and then there was the second last fitting before the gown was tucked away into a cover …  tied with a pretty bow with the opening sewn closed!!  .. so that Elaine couldn’t peek!!

Happy bride-to-be studying the small details before the fitting …

Copy of IMG_3272

Copy of IMG_3275

Copy of IMG_3295

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Big sister in action …

Copy of IMG_3284

Copy of IMG_3288

Copy of IMG_3289

Doing up the back almost needed an instruction manual  😉

Copy of IMG_3293

Copy of IMG_3292 Copy of IMG_3296 Copy of IMG_3299

…  And there it stayed until the final fitting two weeks before the wedding, when it had to be taken in, as is the norm with most brides before their wedding .. plus a trial walk-about with the train hooked up for dancing !!

P1080871 - 28-09-2013 P1080872   Spot my dress hanging up !!!!  .. it also needed taking in .. whoo hoo !!!




…  Thank you Abigail for your expertise, talent, friendliness and warmth ..  your beautiful smile, your fragrant teas and welcoming us into your studio filled with beautiful things and heavenly aromas

Copy of IMG_3277

A note here :  the dress had to lie flat for six months as it was thought the delicate lace would stretch and adjusting the hemline would be rather a mission because of the scalloped edge.  So, there it lay .. on a bed in the spare room … in it’s cover ‘tied with a pretty bow with the opening sewn closed’.    I had to make sure the kiddies and Jackie didn’t go in that room.  Forbidden fruit is always tempting .. not for the kiddies but for Jackie!!!  She often made a B-line for that room when she wanted peace and quiet and always looked up at the white cotton cover.  I always managed to dissuade her from jumping up … except for one time!   (I had to block the open door with the clothes horse!)

We had had the whole family for lunch.  When the kiddies get together they always have fun … noisy, energetic fun!!  In the evening after all was quiet, I went into the spare room and found the white cotton cover in a small bundle!!!  Jackie had made a ‘nest’ with the dress, veil, and cover !!!  The bundle was could fit into my encircled arms!  My heart sank to the lowest of the low.  What if she had pee’d on it too!  Horrors!!!  Absolute horrors !!!

I carefully untied the pretty bow and undid the stitched opening, and peeled the dress and veil out of it’s cover … after digging my nose into this crushed bundle of white cotton fabric!   No pee smell .. phew !!

Inspected dress and veil with a tooth comb !!!  All intact!  No holes, no snags, just crumbled fabric.  How long ago had Jackie done this? !!  After untangling everything and returned it to it’s place of safety .. re-tied the pretty bow as best I could, copying Abigail’s perfection and then tackled the opening with small even stitches, just as Abigail had done.  Elaine would never know!!!

… and she didn’t!  Bradley and Connor knew, hubby knew, Jeanette knew, Abigail knew, Carl knew ..  everyone knew except Elaine   The secret was kept!   I told her the day after her wedding  … … wished I’d taken a pic of her face !!!

All’s well that ends well – she was the most beautiful bride in a uniquely designed wedding gown by Abigail Betz


9 Replies to “Creating a vision of grace and elegance”

  1. LOL, loved reading this story… wish i could’ve seen Ellz face when you told her too 😉 Lots of love to u Ma2 😉

  2. Loved reading ALL ABOUT IT from start to finish. The lace is truly exquisite as is the bride.

    Once more it reminded me of Gordon (your Dad) going with me to the dressmaker to collect my wedding gown, and how carefully Sylvia, (your Mum) stored it for me for a month at ‘Craigo’ before the wedding as I had gone to British Bechuanaland now Botswana to be at home with my parents before the wedding in Bulawayo.
    / ………♥♪♫ Love Helen

    1. Wish I could remember. I only remember standing in the church and then in our garden having photos taken. I do recall a veil hanging up in the room next to Mum and Dad’s .. could that have been yours I wonder?

      1. I’m not sure about the veil – all I know is that they had everything waiting for me in my room at Craigo. This room led out onto a balcony – do you remember? I know that I threw my bouquette from the balcony to the single girls waiting below!
        Our wedding photographs were’nt all that good even although they were taken by a professional photographer. We do have a very amateurish video taken at the wedding and the reception. One scene shows your Dad holding a car tyre which was being attached to the back of our car!
        Ah, weddings… all that preparation and it’s all gone in one day.
        So…your Blog is something for posterity and when you can’t remember all you have to do is read it again and look at all the lovely photographs.
        XXX H

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