Erin sang a duet !

Erin sang a duet !

She’s only six !!

Hubby and I went to Erin’s pre-primary school concert yesterday.  It was called Under the Sea .. happy songs and happy children who sang so sweetly!!!  They weren’t terribly keen to do all the actions when each 5/6-child-per-group came forward to do their bit under the spotlight, eyes glued to the teacher, but all co-operated with all the waves and wiggles that went with all the fishy songs ..

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How proud we were when we saw Erin’s name in the programme for a duet!!  She was amazing !!!    She confidently walked up to the microphone and turned to see where her duet partner was ..

Copy of IMG_9410 .. and then they sang a song about an octopus – a song I haven’t heard before.  Wow, she was incredible!!  Full of confidence !!  She didn’t falter … started strongly and ended on the same note – in fact they both did.  They were well matched !

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In her playgroup days, she walked off the stage and ‘didn’t want to do it anymore’!   She sat with the audience and watched her friends!!   Shamies, a little stage fright with all those eyes watching!!!  Yesterday the school hall was full.  All eyes on these two at that moment!!  Well done, Erie,  we are so very proud of you!!!

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There were supposed to be three duets altogether …

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.. but this little girl sang a solo  – amazing confidence for a Grade 0!!!  Her partner was obviously absent

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This little chap was so sweet .. banging on the pianist chair copying her

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Erin is also doing very well in ballet!!  In fact whatever she puts her mind to, she does extremely well.  She swims like a fish, especially backstroke and her other granny was telling me yesterday that she’s already got a medal for swimming and therefore she doesn’t want to get another one… hence refuses to do the galas anymore!!  She plays golf with her dad too and has quite the swinging action, he says !!!!

She’s only SIX !!   Very proud Granny and Grandpa we are !!! xxx

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