Friday’s flowers : my garden .. my sanctuary

Friday’s flowers : my garden .. my sanctuary

I have an album on my Facebook titled ‘Today’s flowers’ where I put photographs of flowers from my garden (or cheating by buying flowers for the vase) and realised I have neglected posting flowers on my blog for simply ages. Maybe I should start a regular Friday’s theme seeing summer’s in full swing.   Our days are very hot with little or no rain, which is not good for gardens, but hopefully things will change soon.  After Jeanette took two very tired boys home after about two and half hours of fun, water and bubbles on a water slide… they had an end-of-year karate party at school … I strolled around the garden with camera in hand …

.. aloe  – no idea what it’s called – it’s one of those snippets I pinched from someone else’s pavement !!

Copy of IMG_9519

.. cute little cactus ..  (no idea what it’s botanical name is 😉  ..

Copy of IMG_9520

Pandorea pandorana – my mother called it Begnonia

Copy of IMG_9521

Hydrangea ..

Copy of IMG_9522

Sweetpeas ..

Copy of IMG_9523Copy of IMG_9525

Copy of IMG_9527

Copy of IMG_9531

Ornamental garlic .. lavender in background  ..

Copy of IMG_9528

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